d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 10 (Monsters) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 10 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content and contains the following feature articles:

Monster Mash - New monster traits to surprise your players. Make old monsters new again!

Enhanced Monsters - Two monster templates to add to your monster- make them vampiric or dire.

Weapon Spotlight - This time we take a look at the dagger.

Monster Stat Block - A new monster stat block to help you make sense of your monster in combat and outside of it.

Gift of the Gab - Using reaction rolls again.

Monster Team Up - When monsters get together to make character's lives more difficult.

Monsters to the Left of Me... - Three new monsters to challenge your PCs.

Lair of a Basilisk - An encounter with a mated pair of basilisks, and a few other nasties.

And much more!

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