BUNDLE - Old School OSR D&D Starter Zine Set (Includes 4 Zine Issues) - Print & PDF

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This bundle of zines includes issues 1 (Dungeons), 7 (Wilderness), 10 (Monsters), and 27 (Random Encounters).

Issue 1 - Dungeons
Contains a d8 5-room dungeon generator, levelling up your encounters, corner encounter table, a simple way to determine encounter distance, a random table for What the Hell Are the Monsters Doing? when encountered, building a new monster, building a quick NPC, plus we introduce two new locations and three new locals within Dolfar, our small town from Issue 0.
Issue 7 - Wilderness
Contains a new slot-based encumbrance system, mundane equipment that could just save your life, weapon spotlight (spear), new wilderness travel rules, setting up camp boons & rules, how to build random encounters, three new human barbarian tribes, your tracking skill just got better, plus two wilderness locations: a very old henge and a roadside inn.
Issue 10 - Monsters
Contains new monster traits to surprise your players, enhanced monsters, weapon spotlight (dagger), a new monster stat block to help you make sense of your monster in combat and outside of it, how to use reaction rolls again, monster team up!, three new monsters to challenge your PCs, plus a Lair of a Basilisk encounter location.
Issue 27 - Random Encounters
Contains options around checking for random encounters, a look at all the various ways you can roll to see what is encountered, a closer look at the exploding die method of generating multiple encounter tables, wilderness zones, a deep dive into using 2D6 for encounter tables, an Interview with Jon from Tale of the Manticore podcast, your monster of the month is the Thud, plus treasure tables from the creature’s perspective.

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