d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 4 (Arcane Magic)

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Issue 4 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content (20 pages worth!) and contains the following feature articles:

Keeping Track of Spells – Taking the tediousness out of tracking spell components.

Weapon Spotlight – Taking another look at the humble quarterstaff.

Augmenting Spells – Power up your spells by using exotic components.

Aging Potions – What happens when the PCs drink an ancient potion?

Alternate Creature – Brachiation beasts from beyond! Giving life to a seldom-used monster. This article is by the awesome RJD20.

Magic Mishap Tables – Three new charts for your horror, fey, and primordial campaigns. This article is by the talented BrokeAF_Games

Bhakashal: New Campaign World – An overview of a new campaign world by Black Dragon Games.

Location, Location, Location – We take a look at a new location this month: the town of Riverbend. The map is by the talented artist Alex the Map Maker (see below for larger versions of the map included in this issue). This also includes some personalities of Riverbend.

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