d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 3 (Combat) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 3 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content (16 pages worth!) and contains the following feature articles:

Run Away! – Some abstract retreat rules for the PCs when they are just in over their heads.

Weapons Vs. Armour – Some lite rules for which weapons work better on various armour types.

Never Tell Me The Odds – Looking at the odds for various random tables and on how using multiple and different dice can effect those odds.

Weapons & Armour Damage – Some lite and easy to implement rules on weapon and armour damage, and a reason for your PCs to use those craft proficiencies they have.

Masterwork Items – Based on the blog post I wrote a while ago, this article shows some simple rules on how to get the best quality items.

Natural Healing – A look at natural healing throughout the various editions of D&D. This may help in coming up with your own custom rules.

DEFCON Dungeons – This article will help you ascertain what monsters do when the PCs enter their home and start a fight.

We also have a couple of regular articles:

Location, Location, Location – We take a look at a new location this month: the large town of Woodhove. The map is by the talented artist Alex the Map Maker (see below for larger versions of the map included in this issue). This also includes some personalities of Woodhove.

End Table – A single end table this month, with encounters along Ashtrail Road – one of the busiest roads in all of the Freelands.

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