d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 26 (Guilds & Factions) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 26 of d12 Monthly, all about guilds & factions, is jam-packed with a lot of D&D content. It contains the following articles:

Guilds R Us - A guide on guilds in your campaign world.

Members Only - A list of guilds - standard, secret, and magical.

The Merchants' Hand - An example Thieves' Guild in hiding as a merchant guild. Something you can add to your campaign world to introduce a new enemy and/or some intrigue.

Easy Money - How to create your own currency, featuring some random tables to give you inspiration.

A Faction Too Much Fiction - Importance of factions in your campaign world.

Not Just Another Faction - A faction template for creating your own factions: just answer some simple questions.

They Work For Who!? - Incorporating factions into your campaign world.

Faction Reaction - Three legendary factions to drop into your campaign world.

The Case For SciFi - by a new author, Petros Moros, who lays out an argument for trying various genres.

Random Encounter - The monster of the month is the Paper Elemental.

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