My Review of Five Torches Deep’s Origins

My Review of Five Torches Deep’s Origins

Before I start this review I want you to know I am a big fan of Five Torches Deep and all past supplements (I even run a FTD Fan Page on Facebook and have created a complete proficiency list). The base game was a breath of fresh air when I needed one (being over 5e) and the past supplements have been really good additions to the base game. 

Five Torches Deep: Origins is a mixed bag. 

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Gnomes – A New Take

Seeker Gnome

I hate gnomes.

Not the race themselves.

But the way D&D have dealt with them.

In 5th edition there are two versions: forest gnomes and rock gnomes (which are basically tinker gnomes).

I dislike both of these subtypes.

But, it’s not just the subtypes I dislike – there is a larger issue here.

D&D has never really decided where gnomes fit in.

And this issue has been prevalent throughout all editions of D&D, so I am not picking on 5th edition here.

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