Aythian Playable Races

Here is a list of playable races that currently exist in Aythia.


Humans are found all over the Known World, from the frost-bitten north to the tropical south. They have built great Nations that make up Aythia, but have also settled much of the Freelands, building five city-states and hundreds of smaller settlements within the Freelands borders.

This adaptability has seen them survive and thrive.


Known commonly as Surface Dwarves, the Azlan (“of the land” in their own tongue) are a proud race who split with their mountain cousins to help the humans settle the plains. They have integrate peacefully with the humans over the last thousand years.

The Azlan have adapted to the surface world, and live shoulder to shoulder with humans. They can be found almost anywhere humans can.


Also known as Halflings (although they see this as an insult), Hin are a nomadic peoples. They travel the Known World in caravans of various sizes and bring entertainment, news, gossip, and sometimes trouble with them wherever they go.

Villages and towns alike all look forward to the next Hin caravan that stops in their settlement.


The elves most commonly seen by the other races are the Wilderland Elves, who can be found in any natural surrounds. The largest populations of Wilderland Elves can be found in forests, but it is not unusual to meet elves in the desert, swamp, plains, or even mountains.


Half-Elves are usually a mix of Wilderland Elves and Humans. Although Half-Elves can also have Half-Elf children.

The largest grouping of Half-Elves are located in the city-state of Summerheart, to the very south of the Freelands, where they make up roughly 80% of the population there.

They can be found all over Aythia however, but are far less common than humans, dwarves, and hin.


Half-Orcs are usually born of violence.

They have a less-than-idyllic life. Their numbers are much lower than the Half-Elves and are found more in the northern reaches of the Freelands where they can either live a more solidary life, or in the city-states, where they find more acceptance.

A large number of Half-Orcs also live in Grimport.

In the frontier regions, where settlements are regularly attacked by orc raiders, Half-Orcs can be distrusted by the those who live there, who see them as potential traitors, or in the very least, trouble.

Despite all this, they are known for their strength and hardiness and are tolerated due to this in many parts of the Known World.