Aythian Life

Aythia is mostly a fantasy medieval society.

Most people travel rarely and, if they do, it is no more than a day’s travel from their homes.

Trade is constant – both on a local and national level, and while local villages deal mostly in barter, everyone else uses officially minted coins as currency.


Aythia includes most climates across its broad landscape. From the frozen north, to the more temperate middle, to the hotter and humid south.


The main tongue that is spoken throughout Aythia is known as the Trade Tongue.

It was created and used extensively by, then, disparate nations to enable trade to take place. Since that time it has become the default language spoken throughout the Known World.

It is also sometimes called the common tongue (or just ‘Common’), due to the fact it is commonly spoken.

Written Language

Born primarily as a spoken language, it was soon turned into a written language called Trade Script or Common Script. A lot of the more recent tomes, books, and contracts are written in this Common Script.


Most commoners don’t travel all that much – and the travelling commoners, especially farmers, do is from their homes to the markets and back again. The trade roads that exist are populated with farmers and merchants moving their wares from one place to another.

In the more civilized areas and if the trip is short (under half a day) there is little need of too much protection, but in more wild areas or if the trip is longer in duration, most merchants use mercenaries or adventurers to guard their caravans.


Most major commerce uses minted coins from one of the large nations, but many smaller transactions still use barter, especially in the more rural settlements.

The most popular coins in the west are those minted by Cambria. There are four distinct coins that are common currently, but many more from past kings and queens.

The main coins are:

Golden Florin – also known as a “Flock” as it has a flock of birds printed on it

Silver Shilling – also known as a “Shill”

Copper Sheath – also known as a “Clipper”

Silver Bar – also known as a “Length”, which is mostly used for trade.