Aythian Deities

There are 12 major deities that make up the pantheon, and many lesser deities and demigods.

The Twelve

  • Arkeris
  • Arinix
  • Banoth
  • Damus
  • Gruan
  • Kalisvar
  • Lucindar
  • Taliiya
  • Ullarl
  • Vaal
  • Venren

Banoth The Wise

Banoth (BAN-oth) is the god of wisdom, knowledge, and insightfulness. He is usually depicted as an old man with a long white beard and furrowed brow. His symbol is an open book.

Banoth reveres knowledge above all else and his followers always seek out new knowledge and insights. After all, knowledge is power (a saying attributed to a Banothian priest).

He is also patron of libraries, athenaeums, and other places where books, tomes, and scrolls are kept. Usually there is a small shrine or statue of Banoth somewhere in the library.

Priests are taut not only to seek out knowledge, but also to gain wisdom from the insights from that knowledge. Many priests and other followers of Banoth form cliques and circles of knowledgeable persons to discuss philosophical, intellectual, political, and similar such topics.

Domain: Knowledge


Lucindar (Lu-CIN-dar), The Everburning Torch, The Unsetting Sun, is the goddess rebirth, guidance, fire, and summer. The holy symbol is a small lantern, worn on the belt of clerics, usually with Continual Flame cast inside.

She is often portrayed as a young flame-haired woman wearing battle armor and standing in a sunny field of green.

She has many aspects to her and as such her church is one of the most multifaceted of the Known World, being made up a priest who worship various aspects of her and her teachings.

Despite the number of factions within the church, they all remain civil and peaceful with each other, building upon each other’s successes.

Lucindar is worshipped the most during the months of summer, when the sun is at its strongest (priests who worship this aspect of her also wield the most power during the summer months as well).

Domain: Light


Arinix (A-RIN-icks) is the god of luck – both bad and good. He represents both sides of the coin and his worshippers understand that sometimes good luck strikes and at other times, it’s bad luck. The symbol of god and church is a coin flipped in the air.

Arinix is also the patron god of adventurers as no other god represents what adventures must face each and every time they strike out on an escapade, never knowing what luck will befall them.

It is said those who are born of this month will go on at least one adventure in their lifetime and it will change the lives of all those around them.

Domain: Trickery

Taliiya “The Snow Witch”

Taliiya (TAL-ee-YA) is the goddess of winter and the cold. She is known as the “Snow Witch” as she is said to have a temper which brings about blizzards and other winter hazzards.

While not evil per se, she is feared by many of her worshippers as they try and stave off the worst of the winter.

She is at odds with Lucindar, goddess of summer and fire, and the two clash often. Like Lucindar, Taliiya’s priests gain more power during the winter months.

Domain: (Winter)


Vaal (VARL) is the god of revenge, pain and suffering. Those who suffer by another’s hand can call on Vaal to smite their prosecutor and reverse the flow of pain and suffering.

His priests believe that beings can only be great after great suffering as it is through this pain and suffering they learn how to be a stronger version of themselves. What does not kill us, only makes us stronger is a common Vaalite expression.

Domain: (Suffering)


Ullarl (Ool-LARL) is the god of darkness, loss, and death. He has some cross-over with Vaal as loss can sometimes lead to suffering and pain, but Ullarl’s priests teach that loss (and death) are parts of life and while they may move to the darkness, they will be comforted by it.

Priests learn to embrace loss and not to be burdened by it. They also learn that death is part of the natural cycle and that it too should not be feared as it is but a gateway to the darkness that will consume all eventually.

Priests of Ullarl save most of their hatred for undead and those who bring them into being, as they are not the natural order of things and stand for all that is broken with the world.

Priests of Ullarl also have no access to resurrection magics (and would never use them even if they had access) as Ullarl’s teachings believe that once someone is dead they should remain that way. They also never use spells that commune with the dead unless it is of the most dire circumstance as they believe this disturbs their final slumber.

The symbol is a black circle.

Domain: Death


Ferast (Fer-AST) is the god of magic. And patron to magic-users everywhere.

He is the second god of magic after the last one was slain by some of her fellow gods after going mad with power and almost destroying the Known World.

While Feast did not create magic as we know it, he is its shepherd, tending to it and making sure it works as it should and that none abuse it or use it to bring destruction to the world.

His followers believe in gaining magical knowledge for positive and beneficial purposes, but understand that anyone who understands the Art may use it however they wish. Their priests hoard magic knowledge and items and keep them safely away from those who would use them to cause havoc and destruction.

Domain: Knowledge


Kalisvar (KALIS-var) is the god of battle, war, and patron to warriors. The Hammer Fist is the god on every soldier’s lips as they go into battle.

Domain: War


Gruan (GRU-an) is the god of nature, growth, and life. He is the patron of druids, rangers, and all others who revere nature.

Gruan is somewhat of a neutral figure, focusing on the natural order of life and death, not imposing any sort of compassion or favour to those who are weak or frail as nature weeds them out on purpose – to make the species stronger.

Priests of Gruan see, as their god does, the entirety of the cycle of life and the natural flow over the generations. They generally think long-term, not bothering themselves with particular aspects of nature but the natural world as a whole.

Their hatred is saved for undead and those who create them. Undeath is seen as a mockery of life and is abhorrent.

Whole orders of Gruan are devoted to seeking out undead and destroying them.

Domain: Nature, Life


Arkeris (ARK-ker-IS) is the god of night, trickery, lies, and illusion. He is the patron god of thieves.

Domain: Trickery, (Darkness)


Damus (DAM-us) is the god of justice, chivalry, and law. He is the patron god of Knights & Paladins.

Domain: War, (Law), (Nobility)


Venren (VEN-ren) is the god of protection, the weak, and the defenseless.

Domain: War