Workshop: Spell – Blade of Agamon – Warlock Cantrip

Update: This spell is currently being play-tested in one of my campaigns.

Blade of Agamon – Warlock Cantrip

Agamon is a dead god in my campaign world of Aythia who, given his priestly followers deserted him for the current god of magic, has started to reach out over time to various Warlocks.

He gives them powers and insights in a hope that one day they will uncover the truth of his death and resurrect him so he can once again rule over the magic domain.

This is one of the spells – a cantrip – he gives his followers.

Designer Notes: It’s basically a melee version of the famous Eldritch Blast. This is something one of my players in my lunchtime campaign wanted after he spotted something similar over at the D&D 5e Homebrew website.

What do you think of this spell? Leave your enlightened thoughts in the comments below.

This is a work in progress and may not be ready for your D&D table. Feel free to use the comments below to add suggestions, ideas, or tell me (constructively) how good or bad it is.

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