Agamon’s Blade – A New Warlock Cantrip For D&D 5th Edition

This spell came about after a player in my new Lunchtime D&D Campaign found a spell he liked and wanted to know if he could have it.

It ended up being a snippet of a sorcerer’s path which was published over at D&D Homebrew. So I owe a lot of the inspiration and basic idea to it’s creator, Nickengi.

I needed to change the spell however, for two main reasons:

  • I felt the spell was a little overpowered, and
  • I wanted to change the spell so it wasn’t so tied to the class.

The reason it is called Agamon’s Blade (I originally called it Blade Strike) was that it’s for a Warlock whose patron is the dead god of magic (in my campaign world) who has been cut off from his clerical following and so is reaching out to warlocks.

It made sense (and sounded cooler) to name it after the dead god.

So, without further time-wasting, I give you Agamon’s Blade:

Warlock Cantrip: Agamon’s Blade

You can also download the PDF.

Over to You

What do you think of Agamon’s Blade? Would you use it in your campaign?

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